How US Vaping Laws Affect the UK

What happens in one country can have an indirect impact on another,and this applies to vaping laws in the US as much as it does to anything else. Those laws may not affect the UK residents directly, and right now the UK enjoys much laxer vaping laws than what the US has. The US is far more stringent with their e-cig regulations, and 10 states have already banned vaping entirely from public places.

What impact would that have on vaping in the UK, though? Well, when countries around the world set their own regulations, people in the countries where regulation are not so tight may be wondering why their laws are so lax. They may be looking at what other countries are doing and start reading research and finding out about the kind of fears that promote stricter regulations.

Whether the calls for stricter vaping laws are right or not may not make a difference. These stricter laws create an atmosphere of fear that can reach across the ocean and have an impact elsewhere. UK residents pay attention to what is happening across the pond, and as they see a lot of fear mongering and new regulations occurring in the US in regard to e-cigs, they may want to have some the same regulations put place in their own country. They may start calling for reform and joining a global voice that speaks out against lax vaping laws.

This kind of behaviour is more prevalent than ever before thanks to social media. Now, people from all around the world can unite their voices in ways they could not before, and that often means that those who are against certain laws or who want new regulations to be put in place can make certain that their voice is being heard. They can also create a more powerful movement as a unified group than they could on their own. They can join with other like minded people and create a disturbance that has to be noticed by the politicians and lawmakers in the UK.

There have been a lot of studies with alarming conclusions published over the past few years, in regards to vaping. How accurate most of these are and how truly they reflect the effects of e-cigs remains to be seen. This is still a product that is young and not fully researched, so the findings that are discovered today could be overturned in a few years.However, most people live in the here and now, and if they see disturbing evidence that e-cigs are dangerous for them or for the public, then they may act to prevent e-cigs from being used in public places.

What foreign laws do is raise awareness for certain issues. So, people who may not have cared much or known much about vaping before are going to be finding out more and more about it thanks to each new law that the US establishes in regards to vaping.

While many e-cig enthusiasts in the UK may be enjoying their freedom to vape pretty much wherever they want to, they shouldn’t just ignore what is going on in other countries, and in the US in particular. Those laws, while they only directly affect the country they are passed in, do have an impact elsewhere, and that impact may be felt over time.